WATCH: Golden Retriever Wows Everyone As Puppy Successfully Bathes Herself!



Who doesnt love a golden retriever puppy? I mean all puppies are cute, but in my humble opinion Golden Retrievers corner the cuteness market! Brady, the Golden Retriever puppy whom you are about to meet in this adorable video, is one of those puppies who just loves taking baths. Many puppies get scared, but Brady is the exact opposite.


Its not the fact that he loves taking baths that makes Brady so unusual, however… He loves taking baths all by himself!! Im not kidding. He stays in the tub as long as possible, lapping up every last bit of water, as he watches it go down the drain.

He hops out of the tub on his own. You would think hed shake the water off and go on his way. Not Brady! You have to watch how he manages to wrap himself perfectly in his bright pink towel and goes into his bed, perfectly covered up and relaxed for his after-bath nap! This footage of this sweet, smart puppy is priceless.