How To Train A Chihuahua Puppy: 7 Simple Steps


Teacup Chihuahua puppies are energetic, intelligent, and very friendly dogs.They are very curious by nature and very affectionate.They are also very loyal dogs that want to make you happy. However, to give your Chihuahua the best possible chance of turning into an obedient, friendly, adorable dog, you need to put in the effort to properly train your Chihuahua. In this article, we shall endeavor to show you seven simple steps on how to train a Chihuahua puppy that everyone will adore.

Train Yourself First To Be The Alpha-Leader

From the very first day, your puppy will be part of your family. So as an owner you are responsible for taking the right steps, so that your Chihuahua understands the rules. Your dog learns by experiencing the direct consequences of an event or his own behavior. When the direct result of his behavior is positive for the dog, he learns this behavior. Your dog will repeat this behavior because it will give him something positive. Applying this rule is the basis for making your dog obedient.

To properly train your Chihuahua puppy, you must first train yourself to do it right. You must settle it quickly that the dog will follow your lead whether good or bad.The Chihuahua, whether male or female, is a smart dog, but it simply cannot train itself. If You want a happy, healthy and obedient Chihuahua it is up to you to train your Chihuahua in a way that he can easily understand and that avoids confusion. There are two Things you must do.

Firstly, you must establish it quickly in the mind of the dog that you are its Alpha-Leader of the pack. This will help establish in the mind of the animal the need to obey your commands always. Secondly, You should be calm and clear in your commands at all times. Don’t allow your emotions to get the better of you even when your dog misbehaves. Do not shout at him. Don’t kick him and do not hit your dog! A calm but firm command will do more to maintain the dog’s respect for you and hence it will continue to obey you. Conversely, if you show antagonism to your dog it will also repay you in kind.

7 Steps On How To Train A Chihuahua Puppy

1. A Proper Feeding Habit

A Proper feeding habit is one of the most important things you must teach when caring for a Chihuahua. It is wise to feed your Chihuahua several times- at least 2 or 3 times a day. Small dog biscuits are of course recommended among other things, but make sure that they are not too hard. Feed your Chihuahua at regular intervals set by you and not the animal. There is nothing more annoying for an owner than when a dog starts begging. To prevent this, it is best to train your Chihuahua to eat at specific times.

2. Give Your Chihuahua Enough Exercise
Just like any dog, your Chihuahua needs plenty of exercise. A Chihuahua needs at least four times of at least fifteen minutes duration of exercise. If you have a smaller Chihuahua, twice a day is sufficient. Do not limit your Chihuahua’s movement indoors, but try to go outside with your pal. This will burn off
excessive energy leading to a calmer and less grumpy puppy. Make sure you are in charge while the exercise lasts. You don’t want the pup going or doing whatever it wants at any time. Always maintain your place as the leader. This will also give you the opportunity to leash train your pup.

3. Choose a Confined Space In Your Home For Your Chihuahua Training
It is wise to train your Chihuahua in a confined space preferably inside your home. This could be a crate or a kennel. Doing this will help you concentrate and give better attention to your pet. The Chihuahua on it’s part will be a lot less distracted. It may not be a good idea to train your Chihuahua in the garden. Do not forget to establish limitations inside your home. Part of the training involves letting it know what furniture it can play with and where it can not go. Potty training your Chihuahua at this stage is also very important.

4. Positively Reward Your Chihuahua
Every time your Chihuahua obeys, your Chihuahua should reward and compliment. It is best to do that with, for example, healthy dog biscuits . This is actually a very positive and gentle way to reward and motivate your Chihuahua to repeat positive behaviors. Punish your Chihuahua properly when your Chihuahua shows offensive behavior, it is not wise to kick or hit the Chihuahua. It may be better to just raise your voice or stare at him angrily.

It will be advisable to tilt more towards rewards than punishment. Young Chihuahuas are just like babies. They feel good when they are rewarded for doing something good. Finding out how to raise your chihuahua puppy on the basis of reward will give better results than raising it on the basis of punishment. Especially in the case of a sensitive dog like the chihuahua.

5. Consistent Commands
You may wish to try something different on some occasion but dogs simply don’t speak our language. If you teach your Chihuahua an action by repeating a certain command, it is important that you are consistent. Get other family members to use the same command too. Otherwise, your dog will get confused.

6. Socialize Your Chihuahua Puppy
It may sound a bit crazy, but it is very important for a Chihuahua to get in touch with other people. Preferably with people who also have a pet. When the Chihuahua can socialize on a regular basis, the Chihuahua will be less anxious and aggressive towards other people or animals. In addition, the Chihuahua can get used to newer people or circumstances more easily.

7. Teach Your Dog To Handle Separation Anxiety Early
Make it a rule never to be moved by the antics of your dog when you are leaving or returning to your home. Experts recommend that you ignore your pet until it has settled down and is relaxed. Of course there are several ways to ease separation anxiety in dogs. This is just one simple method.

The Chihuahua is considered the smallest dog in the world yet it has a big character and great energy. It is also very strong-willed and very intelligent. These characteristics predispose them to wanting to have their way. Training has to start very early in the life of the Chihuahua to be successful. Firmness and
discipline while being gentle still will greatly assist the dog owner. In the end, the Chihuahua are such cute pals, very lively, very affectionate and friendly to have around. All these make learning how to train a Chihuahua puppy worth while.