Cruelty To Dogs- Owner Ties Dog To a Tree and Starves Him For Five Years!

The story of Marco stirs up a lot of anger… You won’t believe that a creature so dear and loving as a dog would be treated in such a horrible manner. Such a sad case of cruelty to dogs! The owner, an old, retired hunter, thought that he had no use for the dog they gave him as a gift so he did the unthinkable‚Ķ he took little puppy MARCO to the back of the house, away from view, and chained him to a lonely tree. That was the last time anyone touched him or spoke to him for about five years!.Kudos to the guys that rescued the dog as well as the vets for helping Marco bounce back with an amazing recovery. Share with your friends and let’s raise our voices against man’s inhumane treatment of dogs!


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