12 Reasons For Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

aggressive dogs fighting
4. Fear-Induced Dog Aggression
A dog can become aggressive if he feels threatened or cornered.Some dogs may withdraw at the prospect of physical punishment, but attack when they perceive a threat. This type of aggression is characterized by bites in quick succession then subsequent flight. Most times before the frightened the dog launches an assault ,a fearful posture and attempts to withdraw from the scene are usually observed.

5. Self-Defence Inspired Agression
This type of aggression may manifest when the dog feels he is under an attack. Note that this perception of an attack on the part of the dog may not even be real. It is somewhat related to fear induced aggression. The main difference is the strategy adopted by the dog because instead of trying to retreat, he may decide that the best defense is a good attack. Dogs that are defensively aggressive exhibit a mix of fearful and offensive postures.

6. Socialization factors
Can a dog suddenly become aggressive to other dogs in the house? The answer is yes. In a home where there is more than one dog, they ususally coexist under certain rules in order to minimize conflicts between themselves. It is important to know that a dog that perceives itself at a higher hierarchical level can show aggressiveness towards other dogs where it feels its leadership is under threat. Aggression could also be toward family members This is why a dog might be perfectly trustworthy with its parents, but react aggressively with young children in the family.

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