12 Reasons For Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

Dog aggression

Aggressive behavior in dogs may be described as the tendency of a dog to express acts that may be considered violent or a threat to become violent. Any conduct capable of inflicting harm to the owner, other people or other dogs could be another way of describing dog aggression. Such actions may involve lunging, growling, barking,biting,fighting, snarling and so on. Dog aggressiveness is a great source of concern to many dog owners and would be dog owners as no one wants to be involved in such a difficult and outright embarrassing situation where his dog bites a stranger or another dog. This is one major reason why some folks are afraid to own a pet dog as they believe that all dogs are aggressive.

Are All Dog Breeds Aggressive and Dangerous?

Dogs are not born to be aggressive. However,it can not be ruled out that there are some breeds which by nature have a stronger protective instinct and a lower tolerance level. However, it is rare for an animal to bite for no reason. Most experts agree that every dog, whatever breed, can learn to behave appropriately in different scenarios. A Doberman,a Pit-Bull, or a Rottie need not be more dangerous than a Golden Retriever or a Labrador.The root of aggressive behavior in dogs lies not so much in their DNA but much more in defects in socialization, fears and phobias, mishandling of frustration, anxiety, etc.

Reasons Why A Dog Can Become Aggressive

If your dog has never been aggressive in the past but now you are shocked to find your pal acting so reactive and irritable you should assess what factors have altered its status. What causes sudden aggressive behaviour in a dog? When and where did it all begin? What else was happening at the moment that you first noticed aggressiveness in your dog? The answers to these questions can definitely help clarify the circumstances that triggered your dog’s reactive behaviour.

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