Why We Need Pets In Our Homes-10 Interesting Reasons

reasons we need pet animals

7.They Easily Invoke The Mom or Dad in You:

Most pets are often acquired when they are still quite young and tender. As a result, these pets – Puppies and kittens tend to easily bring out the nurturing and innate filial emotions in most humans. Even the most macho male seems to melt into a babbling, cuddling spectacle when handed a warm, fuzzy squirming animal.I saw an headline online the other day where a certain young man confessed that by having a pet, he has learned how to become a better dad to his children.

8. They Stimulate Us To get Our Much Needed Exercise:

Without pets many of us would find it extremely difficult to get off our couch. Walking dogs, provides one with exercise, fresh air and a chance of social interaction. Pets are the most patient and undemanding companions that one can have around yet there is need to often respond to their need to move around. In doing this we also get a benefit for our own health.

9. Pets Are Very Protective Of Their owners

Pets and especially dogs begin develop a sense of protectiveness towards their owners. This can easily be seen from the wonderfully beautiful manner in which dogs relate to children. It is almost as if the dogs assume the task of watching over little children. This attitude is not however restricted to children as dogs bark to warn of impending danger or suspicious events. Dogs have been known to ward off bears and burglars from their homes.A dog can even lay down its own life just to save its owner from a dangerous situation.

10. Family Homes With Pets Tend To Be More Cozy and Loving

The thought of returning home to the warm hugs and kisses of your dog or cat is something that evokes a warm feeling always.Your pets will always provide topics of fun discussions in the home. How about the children running around the house with the dog? Every one gets involved in taking care of the pet. This idea of a shared responsibility alone can help in family bonding.

If you are simply not a “Pet Person” then please don’t go for them for just the heck of having one. Remember, they cost money, require your time and attention and can be a burden for you if you are not a pet lover. If you want to give pet ownership a trial run before making a commitment, there are some rental programs available. Opt for them first and then make up your mind.

Once you have started seeing why we need pets, you need to know your Angel’s needs and then cater to them. Pets need to have a proper diet, grooming, and a place to sleep, proper training, social interaction and many other things in order to be happy.When all these considerations are at the top of your mind and you are ready to face up to them, then you are on your way to becoming a successful and happy pet owner.

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