Why We Need Pets In Our Homes-10 Interesting Reasons

why we need pets in our homes

Ever thought about why we need pets in our lives? This is one question that has always needled me on and off. What kind of feeling does a person develop that leads him or her to keep pets? What are the needs that they feel can be fulfilled by having a pet around? Is it some status symbol for them? Or is it for security? What is their main purpose of having a pet? Because, regardless of how simple it may sound, keeping a pet is not a child’s play. You are making yourself responsible for a living being’s existence. Along with it, there are certain financial expenses attached with it also. Pets are not just for your fun. You are accountable for them. So, before bringing in a pet home one should look into all the pros and cons, and enter into it open eyed. If one is prepared to and is matured enough to take over the responsibility of managing it, then only such a person should go with the idea of keeping a pet, be it a dog or a cat or some other animal. Do not let it be just a whim on your part. You can’t just have a pet today, and if you find it burdensome, leave it the other day. Animals also have emotional feelings and attachments. Don’t fool around them. They are little angels and should be treated accordingly.

1.They Give Us Super Companionship and Friendship:

A pet is an animal we may keep and enjoy as our companions. It is a domestic animal, and different to those which are reared for monetary reasons. Pets are noted for their loyal and playful characteristics, for their unconditional love and for their attractive physical appearances. A pet will always be glad to see you whatever the time of the day it is, unlike, other human beings who are bound by factors like, time, accessibility, comfort and suitability. Unknown to you along with their unconditional love, they impart certain health benefits also. They relieve you from stress and tension, improve your emotional health and most importantly relieve you from loneliness, which is the basic cause of depression.

2. Pets Help Us Manage Stress

It is said that people with pets around have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets. Playing with them has a calming and soothing effect on a person’s reflex. Heart attack patients with pets survive longer than those without. You need to make fewer visits to your doctors if you have pets around you. For me this provides a compelling reason why we need pets in our lives.

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