Dog Safety: 10 Things You Must Consider To Keep Your Puppy And Home Safe

how to keep puppy safe in your home
A new puppy can be a wonderful addition to your home anytime.This is because puppies can bring so much joy and add so much colour to your personal and family life.However, there is need to prepare your home for the new arrival.Puppies have special peculiarities such as the tendency to be attracted by moving objects and the urge to chew up anything they can. Whilst you need to protect your home from potential damage which could be caused by your young canine family member, the safety of the young puppy itself is also very important as there could be unsafe conditions pre-existing inside your house or in the immediate surroundings that could pose serious danger to the health and safety of your new dog.

10 Safety Tips To Help You Puppy-Proof Your Home

Wondering how to ensure your new puppy will be safe when you bring it home? In this article we shall be sharing various tips that could help you to fully ensure that your pup is protected as well as also guarantee that your home is not turned inside out by the new adventure seeking puppy.

1. Re-evaluate the storage options for things that are poisonous. Examples of such are detergents, cleaners,mothballs,bleach, rat poisons.When these chemicals contact the skin of the animal, it could become seriously ill. On the other hand, they could result in death if these caustic substances are ingested.

2. Improve on toilet hygiene. If you are in the habit of leaving up the lid of your toilet then that has to change because the puppy as it gets bigger may try to drink from the toilet water.

3. Seal Off access to balconies and porches if your apartment is in a high rise building. Some breeds are so small that they could easily fall through little openings in the balcony rails and get really injured.

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