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Amazingly Hilarious Dog PhotoBombs of The Week – 11 Photos

Animals, especially dogs seem to be taking over the art of the photobomb from humans.They seem so eager to share the spotlight with their “hoomans”! Doggys seem to have understood what humans intend when they strike a pose or probably have understood the happy sound of the camera click and the flashing lights seem to

Dog Care or Dog Cruelty- Watch Video and Decide

Now here is a video we found on……. “WARNING this video may be hard to watch for some. Video obtained by Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 shows a man punching a St. Bernard several times in the …” Well. Well. What do you think? Pretty appalling, isn’t it? It’s hard to accept this kind of

Discover Some Of The Smartest Dog Breeds In The World

There are plenty of factors that play into whether or not your dog is a genius or not, but some breeds have been discovered to simply be smarter than others. There are a couple of genius breeds that you would be better off selecting, especially if you are interested in teaching them commands and performing

10 Hilarious Sleep Positions Dogs Have Fallen Asleep

10 Hilarious Positions In Which Dogs Have Fallen Asleep There seems to be no limit to the ways our pets can entertain us. They provide us company and unconditional love, they can perform some amazing tricks for our pleasure, and they can surprise us in many unusual ways. Even watching your pet sleep can be